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Rita Trowbridge Award

A prize to a young researcher in memory of Rita Trowbridge
Criteria and conditions:

  1. The prize will be presented to a young researcher, that is a participant of the on-site conference who has registered as a student.
  2. The paper may be co-authored, but the young researcher must have contributed significantly, the evidence of this may be demonstrated for example by the fact that he/she is listed as the first author.
  3. The paper must have been presented by the young researcher in either an oral or a poster session.


  1. A small Awards Committee will be established before each COMPUMAG conference consisting of a chairman appointed by the ICS Board (must be a member of the ICS Board), the Chair (or one of the Co-chairs) of the COMPUMAG Editorial Board (or a person nominated by the Chair of the Editorial Board), a representative of the Local Organising Committee and two other members (could be, but do not have to be, ICS Board members) nominated by the ICS Board. 
  2. The Local Organising Committee of the COMPUMAG conference will prepare a list of eligible papers and will make this list available to the Awards Committee ahead of the conference. The scores of the referees will be shown on that list.
  3. The chair of each conference session will be asked to nominate up to one (in exceptional circumstances two) authors for the award. A special form will be used for that purpose showing which papers are eligible. Such a form, showing all eligible papers in the session, will be prepared by the Conference Organisers. The session chair will be under no obligation to make a nomination.
  4. The Awards Committee will meet briefly each day after the sessions to select the candidate papers from that particular day, taking account of the session chairs’ nominations, reviewers’ scores and their own observations during the day.
  5. The Awards Committee will meet immediately after the final eligible paper has been presented on the last day and will make the decision. Up to 6 papers will be selected as to be ‘commended’ and authors will be issued certificates on behalf of the ICS Board. One of these authors (in exceptional circumstances two for a joint award) will be identified as the recipient(s) of the prize to a young researcher in memory of Rita Trowbridge
  6. The main prize(s) and the other commended papers will be announced at the closing session of COMPUMAG.
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Important dates

two-page digest submission due:
November 9th ⇒ December 9th, 2022

Notification of acceptance:
February 15th, 2023

Early-bird registration due:
February 27th ⇒ March 14th, 2023

Onsite conference:
May 22-26, 2023

On-demand conference:
May 29 – June 9, 2023

4-page full paper for IEEE Trans. Magnetics due:
May 15th – June 11th, 2023